Week 14

This week was my last week in Bonaire.

All we really had left to do was give our powerpoint presentations for our projects. We gave one in the morning to the teachers and class, and then the same presentation at night to the public. Other than staff and students, it was mostly retired people that showed up. I’m glad that all the presentations went well.

On Thursday I logged in my 40th dive! It was a fun-dive with friends down to 122ft at Yellow Sub. We saw a large cubera snapper (~5ft.), a barracuda, and lots of moon jellyfish! An anemone was even eating one of the moon jellies. I also received my (8) scuba certifications: AAUS Scientific Diver, Rescue Diver, DFA Pro (Diving First Aid), Advanced Diver: Advanced Adventure Diver– Advanced Buoyancy Control, Research Diver, and Shore & Beach Diver.

We ended the week by snorkeling at Lac Bay to see the Acropora Reef (staghorn coral). This is one of the types of coral that is endangered. They are trying to bring it back through transplantation at the coral farm. Now we understand how much structural complexity this coral gives to the reef. It reminds me of really thick shrubs and only tiny juvenile fish can swim through it. I also saw a school of 4 rainbow parrotfish!

I had a great time studying abroad in Bonaire! Lots of wonderful memories I’ll never forget!





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    Learn about Lisa’s experience in Bonaire with CIEE studying Tropical Marine Ecology and Conservation. CIEE Bonaire is considered a Non-SU Program.


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